SqueakSSL +OK Gpop ready for requests from dc2mb105720703oab

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SqueakSSL +OK Gpop ready for requests from dc2mb105720703oab


In the mvm file in unixbuild/bld/  I thought I would try adding the library directly and it allowed the thing to compile.

    LIBS="-lpthread -lssl -lcrypto"\

David, getting the thing to work on production could be as easy as adding those to doo-hickeys.

Running the image and checking built-in modules shows the plugin.

Running the tests shows the module being loaded: SqueakSSL * VMMaker.oscog-eem.667 (i) (woot!)

Throwing a breakpoint in testGooglePopStream gives the response in the Subject line:  +OK Gpop ready for requests from dc2mb105720703oab
(SqueakSSLTest selector: #testGooglePopStream) run.

Testrunner shows 14 run, 3 passes, 0 expected failures, 6 failures, 5 errors, 0 unexpected passes.

HOWEVER, I just recently upgraded my openssl packages and modified my ssl_config per this post: http://alien.slackbook.org/blog/securing-remote-root-access/ 
which means I have an odd port, and am limited to protocol 2 so it could be stuff like that messing up the tests (my bet it is)

I am going to do attempt a rebuild using the 64bit libraries in /lib64 and see what happens, plus debug the errors above.

If anybody has not fudgelated their ssl configuration and has the means to test, please give it a go.



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