StMPI: Parallel Processing with Smalltalk

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StMPI: Parallel Processing with Smalltalk


Since July 2019, I have been mentoring Hakimie Salim for his Final Year
Project at Multimedia University in Malaysia. He has done an outstanding job
bring Parallel Processing to Smalltalk via MPI. The result is published at
This work offers a general way to interface Smalltalk to other programs in
any language and achieve parallel processing simultaneously. Since many MPI
programs already exists, they can be accessed by Smalltalk via StMPI
Let us know your feedback.

Aik-Siong Koh


Many MPI implementations have been done such as MPICH, OpenMP, MSMPI and
JavaMPI. This project does not do a new MPI implementation from scratch but
rather bind Smalltalk language with C language to use other MPI in
Smalltalk. This implementation is named StMPI. An image processing
application and prime number application were created to test StMPI
performance. The source code for the application is provided. Download the
full application here,
and here,

Its was aimed to help Smalltalk prominent user to get the most performance
speed in their program by allowing them to do parallel computing. StMPI is
created to run on both Windows and Linux environments. You can implement it
on your system by following the guideline provided.

There is one field that could be explored based on this project which is to
use StMPI as a medium to communicate between Smalltalk programs to another
programming language program. The image processing application and prime
number application uses both the Smalltalk programming language and C++
programing language. This just shows that you could use StMPI as a
communication medium between programming languages.

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