StackVM builds...need to debug..asking first

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StackVM builds...need to debug..asking first

Howdy all.

I am able to build the source for the StackIntepreter and do a make install. (very gratifying)

I had to remove the UUID from for the build to succeed (I will be investigating this later)*

I tried launching a Squeak 3.0, 2.8 , 4.0 and finally the 4.5 image in that order. I kept getting variants of

This interpreter (vers. 6505) cannot read image file (vers. 1712914432).
Press CR to quit..

The 4.5 (the image from which it was built) is the only one that attempts to run; no World launches

While I am dusting off my ddd manual to debug this, I thought I would post this to get your thoughts in case there are any flashing red lights that are obvious to anybody.

My 'working thoughts' at the moment are:

1. UUID could be required for the thing to run, but I don't know that.
2. Since it is StackInterpreter, I assumed it would have to run against an older pre-Cog image, but it refuses to launch the image
   Thinking about it, this semi-makes sense because StackInterpreter is under NewObjectMemory in the class hierarchy
3. Verify why did not get modified from VMMakerTool and had to be hand-edited (which I prefer, btw). I am pretty sure Eliot mentioned this in an email to Tim R.

Thanks for your time.


*the include /usr/include/uuid/uuid.h is there as is the function definition that burps--probably a 32bit compat lib issue--no big deal for now.

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