State of support code vs. VMMaker version

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State of support code vs. VMMaker version

Hi Guys,

I was just trying to catch up with various of the later VMMaker and
support code versions only to find that there seem to be some serious
mismatches between what's in VMMaker and the support code. I'm not sure
if I'm missing something here (quite possible) but I'm curious if anyone
has been using the latest versions at all. Here are some of the issues I

* Use of "squeakInt64": The (now obsolete) type "squeakInt64" is still
being used by some primitives in Interpreter (mostly the 64bit
accessors). Shouldn't these be changed to sqLong?

* fptr/dispatchOn:in: etc: Apparently, these definitions have been
removed from sq.h and are nowhere in the platform tree. What happened
here? Did the fptr definition go away (in which case where do I get an
appropriate VMMaker version?) or should it live in another file (which one?)

* sqVirtualMachine undefined references: When linking, the linker
complains about undefined references to "getThisSessionID",
"obsoleteDontUseThisFetchWordofObject", and "fetchLong32ofObject". Why
are these methods *neither* defined in ObjectMemory/Interpreter *nor* in
InterpreterProxy? (I checked this both with VMMaker 3.8b3 and 3.8b4) How
is this supposed to work at all?

* Redefinitions of byteAt/longAt/longAtput: It seems like these are now
all defined in sqMemAccess.h and should be removed from the boiler-plate
definitions of the plugins.

* Redefinition of "self flag:" in LargeIntPlugin: It seems that this is
now defined both in an include file as well as specifically in
LargeIntegers plugin. One needs to go away.

In any case, it does appear as if there's a significant mismatch between
the support code and the available VMMaker version (3.8b3/3.8b4). I'd
greatly appreciate if somebody could tell me what I'm missing here.

   - Andreas