Strange Spec2 SpDemo and Pharolauncher bug

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Strange Spec2 SpDemo and Pharolauncher bug

Invoking /SpDemo open/ from the playground completely locks up Pharo 8. This
is strange as SpDemo runs Ok when invoked from the Help menu (Spec2
Examples) and also runs Ok when you click on the green arrow against the
method in Calypso and invoke it through the <example> pragma.

The culprit is Pharolauncher. if you set PharoLauncher to /Quit On Launch/
then the bug does not happen. It only occurs when PharoLauncher is runningl.

I'm on Xubuntu 19.10, Pharo 8 64 bit and Pharolauncher 1.9.2-x64. This
happens on a competely clean and new installation.

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