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Swazoo 0.9.1 available

Janko Mivšek
Hi all,

Here is a new version of Swazoo. This is an intermediate
version with a goal to integrate to Aida and Wiki. I made
quite an extensive refactoring with next goals in mind:

- robustness
- production readiness
- easy to use
- easy to integrate with Wiki and Aida
- more easy to port

Let me tell you a summary of changes:

- SiteRegistry is renamed to Swazoo (It is easier for
  newbies to find a root class and start the thing)
- There is examples protocol in Swazoo. Your first start
  is as easy as doIt Swazoo demoStart.
- every Site can be started or stopped separately. Site
  finds or creates appropriate HTTPServers
- Site has a started flag. You can temporary stop a Swazoo
  restart with Swazoo stop/start. Only previously started
  will start again
- Automatic restart of Sites after snapshot or image restart
- Swazoo version - here is the current version number.
- sites.cfg - for every SiteIdentifier you need
  (before was ip:port:host)
- HTTPServer - critical sections protection with a lock
- HTTPConnection - timestamps of start of connection and
last request
  (for future priority downgrading algorithm)
- other refactoring in HTTPServer and HTTPConnection to be
easier to
  understand/self documented

Please do a test drive of this version and tell me what you
think :) I need quick responses because I'm starting to make
a Wiki integration.


Janko Mivsek
Systems Architect
EraNova d.o.o.
Pod hribom 55
SI-1000 Ljubljana
phone: +386 1 5816 232
fax: +386 1 5816 231
[hidden email]

Swazoo-0.9.1.zip (37K) Download Attachment