Swazoo.HTTPConnection>>produceResponseFor: uses for:onAnyExceptionDo: catching Notifications

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Swazoo.HTTPConnection>>produceResponseFor: uses for:onAnyExceptionDo: catching Notifications

I'm finding the exception handling in Swazoo.HTTPConnection>>produceResponseFor: to be a bit intrusive.  Maybe I'm the only one?  My Swazoo response handlers are basically forced to include something like:

[self performOperation] on: Notification do: [:ex | ex resume]

to avoid having Notifications that are normally happily ignored from trigger Swazoo to produce #internalServerError.  The most common example is EndOfStreamNotification which is often silently triggered and ignored by code which expects to get a nil back from an exhausted stream.  My suggestion is to change to for:onAnyErrorDo: as listed below.  Anyone else in favor of this change?

produceResponseFor: aSwazooTask
        aSwazooTask request isNil ifTrue: [^nil].
        SpExceptionContext for:
                [aSwazooTask response: (self server answerTo: aSwazooTask request).
                aSwazooTask request ensureFullRead. "in case if defered parsing not done in HTTPost"
                aSwazooTask request wantsConnectionClose
                        ifTrue: [aSwazooTask response informConnectionClose]
                        ifFalse: [aSwazooTask request isKeepAlive
                                ifTrue: [aSwazooTask response informConnectionKeepAlive] ].
                aSwazooTask response isStreamed
                        ifFalse: "streamed ones did that by themselves"
                                [self nextPutResponse: aSwazooTask response toRequest: aSwazooTask request]
                        ifTrue: [aSwazooTask response waitClose]. "to be sure all is sent"
                aSwazooTask request isGet ifFalse: [self close]  ] "to avoid strange 200 bad requests after two consecutive POSTs, but it is really a hack and original reason must be found!" "jan11: do we still need this?"
                [:ex |
                self nextPutError: HTTPResponse internalServerError.
                ex defaultAction. "usually raise an UHE window"
                self close]
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