Swazoo-Lite? (was HTTPSocket)

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Swazoo-Lite? (was HTTPSocket)

Janko Mivšek
.. cross posted to swazoo-dev, pharo, swazoo-devel, aida, seaside.

Phil (list) pravi:
> On Mar 2, 2009, at 9:16 PM, Keith Hodges wrote:
>> So... would anyone out there be willing to rewrite HTTPSocket/Client
>> from scratch so that it is well designed and so on from the ground up?
>> Assuming that Socket will remain common between Squeak/Pharo etc, it
>> could also provide an abstraction onto the Curl plugin as well. This new
>> module would of course be for the benefit of all.

> I too am looking for a better solution but haven't found one yet.  I am
> interested in looking at anything better if it exists and am willing to
> lend a hand to helping work on such an effort as well.

> As I haven't found a solution yet, I have started to implement my own
> HTTPRequest and HTTPResponse classes which will (for now) be used as a
> front-end to a hacked up HTTPSocket.

What if we rather make a Swazoo-Lite, that is a subset of Swazoo just
with a HTTP client and a light HTTP server?

That way we will avoid yet another implementation of HTTPRequest and
Response classes , but we will reuse a proven and tested ones from Swazoo.

Swazoo currently don't have a HTTP client but this is easy to add
because  all the infrastructure is there. In Swazoo we otherwise need a
client for reverse proxy support, but this client can actually became
useful as a standalone client as well, as part of Swazoo Lite.

What do you think?

Best regards

Janko Mivšek
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