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Swazoo diffs

Janko Mivšek
Dear all,

Please find attached differences from Swazoo 1.1.4 to 2.0 beta1.
Attachment includes WV and Dolphin fileout. I hope this will help
porting Dolphin Aida to 5.4, because that needs refreshing Swazoo too.
Current Dolphin one is 1.1.4 ported by Esteban.

Esteban, would you as most knowledgeable on Swazoo make that refreshment?

Best regards
Janko Miv?ek
Smalltalk Web Application Server
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Nebesedilna priponka je bila pre?i??ena...
Ime: swazoo-diffs1.1.4-2.0-beta1.tar.gz
Vrsta: application/x-gzip
Velikost: 33209 bytes
Opis: ni na voljo
Url : http://lists.aidaweb.si/pipermail/aida/attachments/20070624/6cf3e97c/attachment-0001.gz