Swazoo direction, towards 2.0

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Swazoo direction, towards 2.0

Janko Mivšek
Dear Swazooers,

As you can see the Swazoo waters are currently stormy, so now is a right
time to state a direction of future Swazoo development.

Main vision of forthcoming version 2.0 of Swazoo is to have a stable and
powerful HTTP server on all Smalltalk dialects.

Main goals of 2.0 are:

- separation of dialect specific part from portable part
- use of SPort portability layer for dialect specific part
- merge of work from Bruce Badger (request parsing, headers)
- reorganization of packages
- new HTTP error exception management

- already ported to most Smalltalk dialects when 2.0 will be out
   (namely Squeak, Dolphin, VisualWorks, maybe also Smalltalk/X)
- web site for a project, www.swazoo.org

A new Swazoo is already quite completed and you can find it Cincom
Public Repository, Swazoo 1.1.2.

Also, a project web site is already open at http://www.swazoo.org.

I hope you'll support that work and try to contribute with suggestions,
code, testing and of course use on real web sites.

Best regards