Swiki Support at GT phasing out

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Swiki Support at GT phasing out

Guzdial, Mark
Folks, the support for Swikis at Georgia Tech is starting to be phased
out.  We have no funding to continue supporting the servers, and the GT
administration isn't willing to support them.  (Not when they have such
powerful and useful software as WebCT already purchased!)

This doesn't mean that anything is going away soon, but it does mean
that [hidden email] will be read less frequently and responded
to more slowly, and if there is a catastrophic failure on minnow (e.g.,
disk failure), we may not be able to bring it back (e.g., no money to
buy a new disk).

The Squeak.org folks are already working to copy Squeak Swiki off our
servers.  The Croquet community should probably be thinking similarly
about longterm plans.  Again, there's no immediate need to move off, but
some migration plans should be in thinking stage.

Sorry about this, everyone.