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TWM and shortcuts

laurent laffont
Now in TWM 
- shortcuts work with multiple world
- you can event switch to next world with Meta w, Meta w

May be someone has nice icons for the bar ?

How I load my Pharo "desktop" in last 1.3 :

Gofer it
squeaksource: 'TilingWindowManager';
package: 'ConfigurationOfTilingWindowManager';

(Smalltalk at:#ConfigurationOfTilingWindowManager) loadDevelopment.
(ConfigurationOfAutotest project version: #development) load.

(Smalltalk at:#TWMUITheme) beCurrent.
TaskbarMorph showTaskbar: false.
TasklistMorph keepOpen: true.
(Smalltalk at:#TWMBar) perform:#showTWMBar: with:true.
AutotestDashboard showAutotestDashboard: true.


Laurent Laffont - @lolgzs

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