[Test][Squeak5.2][OpenCobalt] Installation : Result?

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[Test][Squeak5.2][OpenCobalt] Installation : Result?

Hannes Hirzel
Is it possible to install OpenCobalt into Squeak 5.2

Open Cobalt
"http://opencobalt.org (Best to run this from an image in an open
cobalt directory)"

Installer ss project: 'TweakCore'; install: 'update'.

[Installer ss project: 'TweakExtras'; install: 'update']
        on: (Smalltalk at: #CUnsynchronizedModification) do: [:ex | ex resume].

Installer cobalt project: 'Tweak';
        answer: 'Would you like to conserve memory at all costs?' with: true;
        answer: 'Password for interactive VNC connections?' with: 'cobalt';
        answer: 'Would you like to add the RFBServer to the World open menu?'
with: true;
        install: 'update'

I wonder what an open cobalt directory is.