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Text Task Force?

Fabian Bornhofen-2
Hi -

we still have a bunch of issues regarding text.

I've just started to build an editable HTML widget using jQuery that
- will help me get familiar with the DOM text API
- will help me get familiar with jQuery integration in Lively
- could eventually replace the low-level portion of lively.morphic.Text
- can be found in this repository:
https://github.com/fbornhofen/jRichTeQst (not much to see, yet)

One particular problem are DOM Selections that behave quite
differently in different browsers. I found a library that is supposed
to simplify that: http://code.google.com/p/rangy/
Does anyone of you have experience with rangy?

My internship with Dan ends on Friday :(. I'll keep contributing and
this looks like a great holiday project. I just don't want to commit
to a timeframe here, even though I see that lively.morphic.Text is an
area that deserves immediate attention. If you want to help, post :).
(I'm also open for hints on jQuery best practices.)

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