The Advent Of Code 2017

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The Advent Of Code 2017


Tomorrow starts the Advent Of Code 2017 [1] which consists in 2x programming puzzles per day from the 1st December to the 25th. I created a GitHub repository [2] to collect code snippets around the solutions of the Pharo community (more details in the README).

I think these programming puzzles are good to:
* Promote Pharo by showing solutions collected in the GitHub repository via your pull requests
* Show how cool is the Pharo’s Collection API (last year most of the puzzles required heavy usage of data-structures)
* Get a feedback of what could be enhanced in Pharo packages (e.g. if when you solve a puzzle you feel like a message is missing in a class or a message has a bad name which makes finding it difficult, it could be discussed and a case on fog buzz could be opened to solve this during a sprint).

To participate, you just need to follow the README’s instructions (which basically says that you have to fork the repository, create a directory to store your solutions and create pull requests each time you solved a puzzle).

There is a specific channel on the discord [3] that has been created to chat around these puzzles and their solutions.

I hope to see a lot of people playing with us at solving these puzzles. :-)




PS: There is no obligation to solve 2 puzzles per day. I know everyone is busy doing its work but please if you solve these puzzles using Pharo, propose pull requests! :-)

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