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The Inbox: Monticello-mva.662.mcz

A new version of Monticello was added to project The Inbox:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Monticello-mva.662
Author: mva
Time: 16 February 2017, 5:10:47.064495 pm
UUID: 903c77c9-0add-414a-8501-afd08dd754da
Ancestors: Monticello-mva.661

fix 'target doesNotUnderstand snapshot' in 'changes against ...' after 'flush cached versions'

=============== Diff against Monticello-mva.661 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: MCRepositoryInspector>>versionListMenu: (in category 'morphic ui') -----
  versionListMenu: aMenu
  1 to: self orderSpecs size do: [ :index |
  aMenu addUpdating: #orderString: target: self selector: #order: argumentList: { index } ].
  aMenu addLine.
  aMenu add: 'Changes against ...' action: [| ri |
  ri := aMenu defaultTarget.
  (UIManager default
  chooseFrom: ri versionList
  values: ri versionList
  title: 'Select version to show patch against ...') ifNotNilDo: [:name |
  | versionName target base |
  versionName := MCVersionName on: name.
+ base := ri repository versionNamed: versionName.
+ target := ri version.
- target := ri repository versionNamed: ri versionInfo name.
- base := aMenu defaultTarget repository versionNamed: versionName.
  forPatch: (target snapshot patchRelativeToBase: base snapshot))
  showLabelled: 'Changes from ', versionName, ' to ', ri versionInfo name]].
+ aMenu lastItem isEnabled: aMenu defaultTarget hasVersion.

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Re: The Inbox: Monticello-mva.662.mcz

Milan Vavra
Do you use Monticello Browser?

Have you ever wanted to compare two Monticello .mcz files that do not
appear in each other's history?

Did you come across the 'changes against ...' menu option in the yellow
button menu in version list in Repository browser?

Were you puzzled why it gives you a 'does not understand snapshot' error
when you tried to use it?

Did you figure out it happens after you have previously used 'flush cached
versions' on the repository?

Did you find out that as a workaround, you can first use the 'Browse'
button on the version selected and then it will work?

Did you shrug and went right ahead with whatever you were doing before
never trying to figure out what was the issue here?

I did all those things.

It bothered me because 'changes against ...' is the way I like to use to
compare my .mcz packages.

The packages in the Repository browser's version list definitely exist
unlike the ones in the History's list. So there should never be a 'does not
understand snapshot'.

I wanted 'changes against ...' to just work.

First I figured out how to modify it so that the list it presents to you is
limited to only the versions displayed in the right pane of the Repository
browser. And also for it to be sorted. According to the order selected in
the same yellow button menu.

I have uploaded that first iteration to the Inbox and it got moved to the
Trunk by dtl. Thanks Dave!

This iteration of 'changes against ...' fixes the 'does not understand
snapshot' bug.

If you are using 'changes against ...' you want this. You will never see
the 'does not understand snapshot' error again after you use the 'flush
cached versions' menu option in Monticello Browser.

Why would you ever use the 'flush cached versions' menu option you wonder?
Well if you remove .mcz files from a Monticello directory repository with a
file manager such as FileList the Repository browser will refuse to forget
them even if you press the Refresh button and it will keep seeing the
versions it has cached. After you use 'flush cached versions' and do
Refresh, they will finally disappear.

What are you waiting for?

Download this iteration of 'changes against ...' now!

You will be rewarded with never having to work around the 'does not
understand snapshot' bug.

Best Regards,