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The Trunk: Compiler-ct.424.mcz

Marcel Taeumel uploaded a new version of Compiler to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Compiler-ct.424
Author: ct
Time: 26 March 2020, 5:19:54.71456 pm
UUID: 10f4405b-896c-3149-b76b-b9cd45ca5734
Ancestors: Compiler-nice.420

Fixes a bug regarding decompilation of FullBlockClosures

Sample to reproduce: [^ true] decompile should NOT return {[]}!

=============== Diff against Compiler-nice.420 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Decompiler>>blockTo: (in category 'control') -----
  blockTo: end
+ "Decompile a range of code as in statementsTo:, but return a block node. NB: end is an exclusive index."
- "Decompile a range of code as in statementsTo:, but return a block node."
  | exprs block oldBase lastStatementOfBlockIsNil |
  oldBase := blockStackBase.
  blockStackBase := stack size.
  exprs := self statementsTo: end.
  lastStatementOfBlockIsNil := pc < method endPC and: [exprs notEmpty and: [exprs last == (constTable at: 4)]].
  lastStatementOfBlockIsNil ifTrue:
  [exprs := exprs allButLast].
  block := constructor codeBlock: exprs returns: lastReturnPc = lastPc.
  blockStackBase := oldBase.
  lastReturnPc := -1.  "So as not to mislead outer calls"

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Decompiler>>doClosureCopy:copiedValues: (in category 'control') -----
  doClosureCopy: aCompiledBlock copiedValues: blockCopiedValues
  "implementation note: must be invoked on a copy because it modifies states"
  | savedPC blockArgs blockTemps blockTempsOffset block mark |
  numLocalTemps := aCompiledBlock numTemps - aCompiledBlock numArgs - blockCopiedValues size.
  blockTempsOffset := aCompiledBlock numArgs + blockCopiedValues size.
  (blockStartsToTempVars notNil "implies we were intialized with temp names."
  and: [blockStartsToTempVars includesKey: aCompiledBlock])
  [tempVars := blockStartsToTempVars at: aCompiledBlock]
  [blockArgs := (1 to: aCompiledBlock numArgs) collect:
  [:i| (constructor
  codeTemp: i - 1
  named: 't', (tempVarCount + i) printString)
  blockTemps := (1 to: numLocalTemps) collect:
  [:i| constructor
  codeTemp: i + blockTempsOffset - 1
  named: 't', (tempVarCount + i + aCompiledBlock numArgs) printString].
  tempVars := blockArgs, blockCopiedValues, blockTemps].
  tempVarCount := tempVarCount + aCompiledBlock numArgs + numLocalTemps.
  lastJumpIfPcStack := OrderedCollection new.
  caseExits := OrderedCollection new.
  statements := OrderedCollection new: 20.
  savedPC := pc.
  self method: (method := aCompiledBlock) pc: aCompiledBlock initialPC.
  mark := stack size.
+ block := self blockTo: aCompiledBlock endPC + 1.
- block := self blockTo: aCompiledBlock endPC.
  mark = stack size ifFalse: [self error: 'block did alter the stack'].
  codeArguments: (tempVars copyFrom: 1 to: aCompiledBlock numArgs)
  temps: (tempVars copyFrom: blockTempsOffset + 1 to: blockTempsOffset + numLocalTemps)
  block: block)
  pc: aCompiledBlock -> savedPC; "c.f. BytecodeEncoder>>pc"