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The Trunk: EToys-kfr.397.mcz

Karl Ramberg uploaded a new version of EToys to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: EToys-kfr.397
Author: kfr
Time: 22 June 2020, 8:40:19.467476 pm
UUID: 2463ba1d-f257-2544-8422-43d46a0f96b7
Ancestors: EToys-mt.396

Fix for score in SameGame that would underflow 0. Line breaks for help text is broken, make workaround.

=============== Diff against EToys-mt.396 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SameGame>>help: (in category 'actions') -----
  help: helpState
+ ifTrue: [helpText := self helpText.
+ "Text layout is broken, so add text and apply #spaceFill to make line breaks work"
+ self addMorphBack: helpText.
+ helpText textMorph hResizing: #spaceFill]
- ifTrue: [self addMorphBack: self helpText]
  ifFalse: [helpText delete]!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SameGame>>selection (in category 'actions') -----
  "a selection was made on the board; get its count and update the displays"
  | count score |
  count := self board selectionCount.
  count = 0
  [score := scoreDisplay value + (selectionDisplay value - 2) squared.
  board findSelection ifNil:
  [count := board tilesRemaining.
  score := count = 0
  ifTrue: [score + (5 * board rows * board columns)]
+ ifFalse: [score - count max:0].
- ifFalse: [score - count].
  scoreDisplay flash: true].
  scoreDisplay value: score].
  selectionDisplay value: count!