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Marcel Taeumel uploaded a new version of Help-Squeak-TerseGuide to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Help-Squeak-TerseGuide-mt.12
Author: mt
Time: 13 August 2019, 3:51:04.988456 pm
UUID: 9ed56182-dfe0-c144-af89-d6c54ecdf8d4
Ancestors: Help-Squeak-TerseGuide-tpr.11

Do not style the introduction page in our Terse Guide.

=============== Diff against Help-Squeak-TerseGuide-tpr.11 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: TerseGuideHelp class>>introduction (in category 'pages') -----
  "This method was automatically generated. Edit it using:"
  "TerseGuideHelp edit: #introduction"
+ ^(HelpTopic
- ^HelpTopic
  title: 'General'
  'Allowable characters:
      - a-z
      - A-Z
      - 0-9
      - .+/\*~<>@%|&?
      - blank, tab, cr, ff, lf
      - variables must be declared before use
      - shared vars must begin with uppercase
      - local vars must begin with lowercase
      - reserved names: nil, true, false, self, super, and Smalltalk
  Variable scope:
      - Global: defined in Dictionary Smalltalk and accessible by all objects in system
      - Special: (reserved) Smalltalk, super, self, true, false, & nil
      - Method Temporary: local to a method
      - Block Temporary: local to a block
      - Pool: variables in a Dictionary object
      - Method Parameters: automatic local vars created as a result of  message call with params
      - Block Parameters: automatic local vars created as a result of value: message call
      - Class: shared with all instances of one class & its subclasses
      - Class Instance: unique to each instance of a class
      - Instance Variables: unique to each instance
  "Comments are enclosed in quotes - like this"
  Period (.) is the statement separator
+ !!' readStream nextChunkText)
+ key: #introduction;
+ shouldStyle: false;
+ yourself!
- !!' readStream nextChunkText!