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The Trunk: PreferenceBrowser-mt.110.mcz

Marcel Taeumel uploaded a new version of PreferenceBrowser to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: PreferenceBrowser-mt.110
Author: mt
Time: 4 January 2021, 1:30:47.80744 pm
UUID: c536a6cc-a1e2-4634-bebc-7e27aa40b27b
Ancestors: PreferenceBrowser-mt.109

Fixes minor slip in wizard's last update. Sorry for the noise.

=============== Diff against PreferenceBrowser-mt.109 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: PreferenceWizardMorph>>adjustSettingsForLowPerformance (in category 'support') -----
  self updateLowPerformanceLabel: 'Please wait, optimizing performance...' translated.
  self refreshWorld.
  self stateGradients "flat look" ifFalse: [self toggleGradients].
  self stateBlinkingCursor ifTrue: [self toggleBlinkingCursor].
  self stateFastDrag ifFalse: [self toggleFastDrag].
  self stateSoftShadows ifTrue: [self toggleSoftShadows].
  self stateHardShadows ifTrue: [self toggleHardShadows].
  self stateRoundedWindowLook ifTrue: [self toggleRoundedWindowLook].
  self stateRoundedButtonLook ifTrue: [self toggleRoundedButtonLook].
  self stateAttachToolsToMouse ifTrue: [self toggleAttachToolsToMouse].
  self stateToolAndMenuIcons ifTrue: [self toggleToolAndMenuIcons].
  self stateSmartHorizontalSplitters ifTrue: [self toggleSmartHorizontalSplitters].
  self stateSmartVerticalSplitters ifTrue: [self toggleSmartVerticalSplitters].
  highlightHoveredRow: false;
  filterableLists: false;
  highlightPreSelection: true; "Feedback is important!!"
  flashOnErrors: false.
  TheWorldMainDockingBar showSecondsInClock: false.
  Preferences disable: #balloonHelpInMessageLists.
  "Set simple background."
+ self currentWorld setAsBackground: MorphicProject defaultFill.
- Project current world setAsBackground: MorphicProject defaultFill.
- previewWorld fillStyle: Project current world fillStyle.
  self updateLowPerformanceLabel: 'Settings were adjusted for optimal performance.' translated.!