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Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of Tools to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Tools-eem.760
Author: eem
Time: 5 May 2017, 12:17:53.772459 pm
UUID: 34e74e4c-0691-429e-8e7a-06d45207eabd
Ancestors: Tools-ul.759

Include non-temp stack contents in the ContextInspector.

Eliminate an unused selector from noteDangerous.

=============== Diff against Tools-ul.759 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: ContextInspector>>fieldList (in category 'accessing') -----
  "Answer the base field list plus an abbreviated list of indices."
+ | tempNames stackIndices |
+ tempNames := object tempNames collect:[:t| '[',t,']'].
+ stackIndices := (object numTemps + 1 to: object stackPtr) collect: [:i| i printString].
+ ^self baseFieldList, tempNames, stackIndices!
- ^ self baseFieldList , (object tempNames collect:[:t| '[',t,']'])!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: ContextInspector>>selection (in category 'accessing') -----
  "The receiver has a list of variables of its inspected object.
  One of these is selected. Answer the value of the selected variable."
  | basicIndex |
  selectionIndex = 0 ifTrue: [^ ''].
  selectionIndex = 1 ifTrue: [^ object].
  selectionIndex = 2 ifTrue: [^ object longPrintStringLimitedTo: 20000].
+ selectionIndex - 2 <= object class instSize ifTrue:
+ [^object instVarAt: selectionIndex - 2].
- (selectionIndex - 2) <= object class instSize
- ifTrue: [^ object instVarAt: selectionIndex - 2].
  basicIndex := selectionIndex - 2 - object class instSize.
+ basicIndex <= object numTemps ifTrue:
+ [^object debuggerMap namedTempAt: basicIndex in: object].
+ basicIndex <= object stackPtr ifTrue:
+ [^object at: basicIndex].
+ ^nil
- ^object debuggerMap namedTempAt: basicIndex in: object

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: MethodFinder>>noteDangerous (in category 'initialize') -----
  "Remember the methods with really bad side effects."
  Dangerous := Set new.
  "Object accessing, testing, copying, dependent access, macpal, flagging"
  #(addInstanceVarNamed:withValue: haltIfNil copyAddedStateFrom: veryDeepCopy veryDeepCopyWith: veryDeepFixupWith: veryDeepInner: addDependent: evaluate:wheneverChangeIn: codeStrippedOut: playSoundNamed: isThisEverCalled isThisEverCalled: logEntry logExecution logExit)
  do: [:sel | Dangerous add: sel].
  "Object error handling"
  #(cannotInterpret: caseError confirm: confirm:orCancel: doesNotUnderstand: error: halt halt: notify: notify:at: primitiveFailed shouldNotImplement subclassResponsibility)
  do: [:sel | Dangerous add: sel].
  "Object user interface"
  #(basicInspect beep inform: inspect inspectWithLabel: notYetImplemented inspectElement )
  do: [:sel | Dangerous add: sel].
  "Object system primitives"
  #(become: becomeForward: instVarAt:put: instVarNamed:put: nextInstance nextObject rootStubInImageSegment: someObject tryPrimitive:withArgs:)
  do: [:sel | Dangerous add: sel].
  "Object private"
  #(errorImproperStore errorNonIntegerIndex errorNotIndexable errorSubscriptBounds: mustBeBoolean primitiveError: species storeAt:inTempFrame:)
  do: [:sel | Dangerous add: sel].
  "Object, translation support"
  #(cCode: cCode:inSmalltalk: cCoerce:to: export: inline: returnTypeC: sharedCodeNamed:inCase: var:declareC:)
  do: [:sel | Dangerous add: sel].
  "Object, objects from disk, finalization.  And UndefinedObject"
  #(comeFullyUpOnReload: objectForDataStream: readDataFrom:size: rehash saveOnFile storeDataOn: actAsExecutor executor finalize retryWithGC:until:   suspend)
  do: [:sel | Dangerous add: sel].
  "No Restrictions:   Boolean, False, True, "
  do: [:sel | Dangerous add: sel].
+ #(obsolete confirmRemovalOf: copyOfMethodDictionary storeLiteral:on: addSubclass: removeSubclass: superclass:
- #(obsolete confirmRemovalOf: copyOfMethodDictionary literalScannedAs:notifying: storeLiteral:on: addSubclass: removeSubclass: superclass:
  "creating method dictionary" addSelector:withMethod: compile: compile:notifying: compileAll compileAllFrom: compress decompile: defaultSelectorForMethod: methodDictionary: recompile:from: recompileChanges removeSelector: compressedSourceCodeAt: selectorAtMethod:setClass: allInstances allSubInstances inspectAllInstances inspectSubInstances thoroughWhichSelectorsReferTo:special:byte: "enumerating" allInstancesDo: allSubInstancesDo: allSubclassesDo: allSuperclassesDo: selectSubclasses: selectSuperclasses: subclassesDo: withAllSubclassesDo:
     "too slow->" crossReference removeUninstantiatedSubclassesSilently "too slow->" unreferencedInstanceVariables
  "private" flushCache format:variable:words:pointers: format:variable:words:pointers:weak: format:variable:bitsUnitSize:pointers:weak: printSubclassesOn:level: basicRemoveSelector: addSelector:withMethod:notifying: addSelectorSilently:withMethod:)
  do: [:sel | Dangerous add: sel].
  do: [:sel | Dangerous add: sel].
  "Others "
  #("no tangible result" do: associationsDo:  
  "private" adaptToCollection:andSend: adaptToNumber:andSend: adaptToPoint:andSend: adaptToString:andSend: instVarAt:put: asDigitsToPower:do: combinations:atATimeDo: doWithIndex: pairsDo: permutationsDo: reverseDo: reverseWith:do: with:do: withIndexDo: asDigitsAt:in:do: combinationsAt:in:after:do: errorOutOfBounds permutationsStartingAt:do: fromUser)
  do: [:sel | Dangerous add: sel].
  #(    fileOutPrototype addSpareFields makeFileOutFile )
  do: [:sel | Dangerous add: sel].
  #(recompile:from: recompileAllFrom: recompileChanges asPrototypeWithFields: asPrototype addInstanceVarNamed:withValue: addInstanceVariable addClassVarName: removeClassVarName: findOrAddClassVarName: instanceVariableNames: )
  do: [:sel | Dangerous add: sel].