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tim Rowledge uploaded a new version of Tools to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Tools-tpr.814
Author: tpr
Time: 10 May 2018, 3:46:56.604043 pm
UUID: 51286010-27d3-4475-88e1-381c5e1c8319
Ancestors: Tools-tpr.813

Remove spurious 'browse class' menu entry and keypress response, replace with correct opening of a full browser based on the selected item in the Inspector.

=============== Diff against Tools-tpr.813 ===============

Item was added:
+ ----- Method: Inspector>>browseClass (in category 'menu commands') -----
+ browseClass
+ "Open a full browser on the class of the selected item"
+ ToolSet browseClass: self selectedClass!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Inspector>>inspectorKey:from: (in category 'menu commands') -----
  inspectorKey: aChar from: view
  "Respond to a Command key issued while the cursor is over my field list"
  aChar == $i ifTrue: [^ self selection inspect].
  aChar == $I ifTrue: [^ self selection explore].
+ aChar == $b ifTrue: [^ self browseClass].
- aChar == $b ifTrue: [^ self browseMethodFull].
  aChar == $h ifTrue: [^ self classHierarchy].
  aChar == $c ifTrue: [^ self copyName].
  aChar == $p ifTrue: [^ self browseFullProtocol].
  aChar == $N ifTrue: [^ self browseClassRefs].
  aChar == $t ifTrue: [^ self tearOffTile].
  aChar == $v ifTrue: [^ self viewerForValue].
  ^ self arrowKey: aChar from: view!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Inspector>>mainFieldListMenu: (in category 'menu commands') -----
  mainFieldListMenu: aMenu
  "Arm the supplied menu with items for the field-list of the receiver"
  "gets overriden by subclasses, _whithout_ the <fieldListMenu>"
  aMenu addStayUpItemSpecial.
  aMenu addList: #(
  ('inspect (i)' inspectSelection)
  ('explore (I)' exploreSelection)).
  self addCollectionItemsTo: aMenu.
  aMenu addList: #(
  ('method refs to this inst var' referencesToSelection)
  ('methods storing into this inst var' defsOfSelection)
  ('objects pointing to this value' objectReferencesToSelection)
  ('chase pointers' chasePointers)
  ('explore pointers' explorePointers)
+ ('browse full (b)' browseClass)
+ ('browse hierarchy (h)' classHierarchy)
- ('browse full (b)' browseMethodFull)
- ('browse class' browseClass)
- ('browse hierarchy (h)' classHierarchy)
  ('browse protocol (p)' browseFullProtocol)
  ('references... (r)' browseVariableReferences)
+ ('assignments... (a)' browseVariableAssignments)
- ('assignments... (a)' browseVariableAssignments)
  ('class refs (N)' browseClassRefs)
  ('copy name (c)' copyName)
  ('basic inspect' inspectBasic)).
  Smalltalk isMorphic ifTrue:
  [aMenu addList: #(
  ('tile for this value (t)' tearOffTile)
  ('viewer for this value (v)' viewerForValue))].
  ^ aMenu
  " -
  ('alias for this value' aliasForValue)
  ('watcher for this slot' watcherForSlot)"