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The Trunk: UpdateStream-mt.16.mcz

Marcel Taeumel uploaded a new version of UpdateStream to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: UpdateStream-mt.16
Author: mt
Time: 14 October 2020, 2:11:41.953569 pm
UUID: 3dc17eeb-2350-6b4d-b994-1a500fd6f76b
Ancestors: UpdateStream-mt.15

Rename #doWithIndex: to #withIndexDo:. See

=============== Diff against UpdateStream-mt.15 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: ServerDirectory>>putUpdateMulti:fromDirectory: (in category '*UpdateStream-updating') -----
  putUpdateMulti: list fromDirectory: updateDirectory
  "Put these files out as an Update on the servers of my group.  List is an array of local file names with or without number prefixes.  Each version of the system has its own set of update files.  'updates.list' holds the master list.  Each update is a fileIn whose name begins with a number.  See Utilities class absorbUpdatesFromServer."
  | myServers updateStrm lastNum response newNames numStr indexPrefix version versIndex listContents |
  (self checkNames: (list collect: "Check the names without their numbers"
  [:each | each copyFrom: (each findFirst: [:c | c isDigit not]) to: each size]))
  ifFalse: [^ nil].
  response := UIManager default chooseFrom: #('Install update' 'Cancel update')
  title: 'Do you really want to broadcast ', list size printString, ' updates',
  '\to every Squeak user who updates from ' withCRs, self groupName, '?'.
  response = 1 ifFalse: [^ nil]. "abort"
  self openGroup.
  indexPrefix := (self groupName includes: $*)
  ifTrue: [(self groupName findTokens: ' ') first] "special for internal updates"
  ifFalse: ['']. "normal"
  myServers := self checkServersWithPrefix: indexPrefix
  andParseListInto: [:x | listContents := x].
  myServers size = 0 ifTrue: [self closeGroup.  ^ self].
  version := SystemVersion current version.
  versIndex := (listContents collect: [:pair | pair first]) indexOf: version.
  versIndex = 0 ifTrue:
  [self inform: 'There is no section in updates.list for your version'.
  self closeGroup.  ^ nil]. "abort"
  lastNum := (listContents at: versIndex) last last initialIntegerOrNil.
  versIndex < listContents size ifTrue:
  [response := UIManager default chooseFrom: #('Make update for an older version' 'Cancel update')
  title: 'This system, ', SystemVersion current version,
  ' is not the latest version'.
  response = 1 ifFalse: [self closeGroup.  ^ nil].
  numStr := UIManager default
  request: 'Please confirm or change the starting update number'
  initialAnswer: (lastNum+1) printString.
  lastNum := numStr asNumber - 1]. "abort"
  "Save old copy of updates.list on local disk"
  FileDirectory default deleteFileNamed: indexPrefix , 'updates.list.bk'.
  UpdateStreamDownloader default writeList: listContents toStream: (FileStream fileNamed: indexPrefix , 'updates.list.bk').
  "Append names to updates with new sequence numbers"
  newNames := list with: (lastNum+1 to: lastNum+list size) collect:
  [:each :num | | stripped seq | seq := num printString padded: #left to: 4 with: $0.
  "strip off any old seq number"
  stripped := each copyFrom: (each  findFirst: [:c | c isDigit not]) to: each size.
  seq , stripped].
  listContents at: versIndex put:
  {version. (listContents at: versIndex) second , newNames}.
  "Write a new copy on all servers..."
  updateStrm := ReadStream on:
  (String streamContents: [:s | UpdateStreamDownloader default writeList: listContents toStream: s]).
  myServers do:
  [:aServer |
+ list withIndexDo: [:local :ind | | file |
- list doWithIndex: [:local :ind | | file |
  file := updateDirectory oldFileNamed: local.
  aServer putFile: file named: (newNames at: ind) retry: true.
  file close].
  updateStrm reset.
  aServer putFile: updateStrm named: indexPrefix , 'updates.list' retry: true.
  Transcript show: 'Update succeeded on server ', aServer moniker; cr].
  self closeGroup.
  Transcript cr; show: 'Be sure to test your new update!!'; cr.
  "rename the file locally"
  list with: newNames do:
  [:local :newName | updateDirectory rename: local toBe: newName].