The Weekly Squeak Summary No. 13: May 6 - Jun 30, 2007

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The Weekly Squeak Summary No. 13: May 6 - Jun 30, 2007

Michael Haupt-3
Dear Squeakers,

welcome to the The WeeklySqueakSummary, an irregular traffic-dependent
report on what's going on in the world of Squeak based on the
WeeklySqueak blog.

Highlights of the past weeks:

Croquet is actually being employed as a collaboration tool in the
development of Ubuntu Linux [8], and Squeak is, apparently,
increasingly used in teaching [6,10]. Seaside seems to get some
support from Gemstone and Cincom [11].

The Scratch project - a multimedia programming environment for
children - has made its new projects web site available [1].

Göran Krampe winkingly tells us a story on the historical development
of Squeak [12].

Last but not least, registration is open for the upcoming SqueakFest [13]!

The past weeks' news items:

[1] Scratch Unleashes New Projects Web Site

[2] A new home for the Weekly Squeak

[3] Kabluee

[4] Minding Your Business With Smalltalk (Part 3 of 4)

[5] or Squeak, or something.

[6] Squeak in North Carolina Schools

[7] Sophie-Croquet?

[8] Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth talks about Croquet

[9] If you can't take the HEAT!

[10] Squeak at the Salón de la Educación 2007

[11] Supporting Seaside, OR Mapping vs. OODBMS

[12] Squeak Tale

[13] SqueakFest '07 - Register Now!

You can find this and much more on The WeeklySqueak blog, the newsblog
dedicated to the world of Squeak:

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Happy squeaking,

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