The Weekly Squeak Summary No. 23: Jan 31 - Feb 27, 2011

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The Weekly Squeak Summary No. 23: Jan 31 - Feb 27, 2011

Michael Haupt-3
Dear Squeakers,

welcome to this edition of The WeeklySqueakSummary, an (in principle)
monthly but somewhat traffic-dependent report on what's going on in
the world of Squeak based on the WeeklySqueak blog.

Again, we did not have too many posts during the past four weeks - two
this time.

The "big news" is that Squeak 4.2 is finally there [1]. From what has
been going on on squeak-dev in terms of trunk commit messages and
release discussions, one could conclude that some important things
have been changed. Most of them are somewhat under the hood, but all
in all, this release looks like a very good one. The details are in
the post - and in the image. ;-)

IWST, the "research track" of ESUG, is calling for contributions [2].

The past month's news items:

[1] Squeak 4.2 final now out!

[2] Call for papers for IWST in Edinburgh

You can find this and much more on The WeeklySqueak blog, the newsblog
dedicated to the world of Squeak:

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Happy squeaking,

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