The Weekly Squeak Summary No. 7: Nov 12 - Nov 25, 2006

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The Weekly Squeak Summary No. 7: Nov 12 - Nov 25, 2006

Michael Haupt-3
Dear Squeakers,

welcome to the The Weekly Squeak Summary, a weekly report on what's
going on in the world of Squeak based on the Weekly Squeak blog.

It's been another quiet week. Still, there is a highlight that affects
most of us.


The upcoming Squeak Foundation board elections require the community's
participation. That is, not only should everybody cast their vote, but
they also ought to think about the candidates can be interrogated with
regard to their particular views on a board membership. A catalogue of
questions is to be posted on the Weekly Squeak blog. Please

Here's the summary of the other three news items that we've had.

1. Magma Interview with Chris Muller -

The Magma OODB system's creator, Chris Muller, has been interviewed by
the ODBMS Journal. The aspects covered in the interview range from
Magma's development and optimisation to its usage. The interview is
available as an MP3 stream.

2. Deploying Seaside -

A recent thread on the Seaside mailing list discusses in detail how to
deploy a Seaside application. Amongst others, there is information
about image versions to use, and running images in headless mode (but
connected to a VNC server for remote administration).

3. Squeak in Extremadura -

This one is a nice almost 20 minute-long video on how the Extremadura
region in Spain is using Squeak in education.

You can find this and much more on The Weekly Squeak blog, the
newsblog dedicated to the world of Squeak:

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Happy squeaking,

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