The Weekly Squeak Summary No. 9: Jan 7 - Jan 27, 2007

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The Weekly Squeak Summary No. 9: Jan 7 - Jan 27, 2007

Michael Haupt-3
Dear Squeakers,

welcome to the The WeeklySqueakSummary, a irregular traffic-dependent
report on what's going on in the world of Squeak based on the
WeeklySqueak blog.

Highlights of the past weeks:

Scratch [5] is a programming language for creating multimedia content
developed at MIT Media Lab; the project was led by John Maloney.

SeaChart [2] allows for creating all kinds of charts using Seaside.
Moreover, SeaChart also supports fading image slide shows and
clickable star raters. The examples on the SeaChart web page are
impressive, and even more so given that the code used to generate them
(all to be seen on the page) is so concise.

ActiveRecord [3] supports almost automatic persistence. Ramon Leon's
implementation for Squeak creates Glorp descriptions from Magritte

The past weeks' news items:

[1] MousePhone

[2] Charting Seaside

[3] A Smalltalk ActiveRecord using Magritte, Seaside, and Glorp

[4] Smalltalk developer in Belgium

[5] Scratching the Surface

[6] Looking For A Shortcut?

You can find this and much more on The WeeklySqueak blog, the newsblog
dedicated to the world of Squeak:

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Happy squeaking,

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