This week (20/2021) on the Pharo Issue Tracker

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This week (20/2021) on the Pharo Issue Tracker

Marcus Denker-4
We merged 17 Pull Requests and closed 13 issues.

As we are preparing the release of Pharo9, we are focussing in bug fixes and trivial cleanups.

Update to fuel 303 #9283


improving-drtests-plugin-support #9276

Resurrected old beahviour where it was possible to use cmd-s
Add possibility to wrap text in the text comparator #9200

fixing light/dark themes disabled colors #9281
fix SHRBTextStyler messing Transcript. #9292
slowFactorial call corrected #9295

9093--in-floatArray-changes-the-second-array- #9149
8897 restart quick method smashes stack #9185
RB - Improve Refactoring presenters #9285

RB - Fix Lazy initialization #9265


Remove argument from parseExpression: and parseMethod: in Parser #9279

Deprecations for removed #parse methods in RBParser #9300
Mark abstract classes in Microdown package - Second attempt #9212

9280-CompiledMethod--valueWithReceiver-aReceiver-arguments-anArray-comments-is-arcane #9296
roundUpTo deserves executable comments #9298
Removes method DialogWindow >> setButtonFont: #9274