This week (21/2021) on the Pharo Issue Tracker

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This week (21/2021) on the Pharo Issue Tracker

Marcus Denker-4
We merged 7 Pull Requests and closed 5 issues in the main issue tracker. Focus this week was the merge of the latest newtools/spec2.

Merge newtools 0.6.6
        - playground ensures content is flushed to disk when closed (to prevent data lost for fast closing it)
        - inspector adds extensions for: integer, morph, baselines.
        - removes all dependencies with old GTSpotter
        - several fixes on debugger
        - lots of tests
        - CI infrastructure improvements

Merge spec2 0.8.13
        - general: menu items now print correctly shortcuts (using KMShortcutPrinter)
        - general: buttons disabled now "gray" icons.
        - fixed SpGridLayout homogeneous and span properties.
        - fixed trees selected paths and items when using multiple selection.
        - fixed wrong accumulation of selected elements in multiple selection.
        - fixed pharo-spec/Spec#1070 (thanks @jordanmontt)
        - SpTextPresenter now implements lineAtCursorPosition method, which will enhance the selected based commands.
        - fixes #9121
        - replace usages of newVertical/newHorizontal when possible (we prefer newTopToBottom/newLeftToRight)
        - SpNotebookPresenter fix a problem when setting pages directly with anything that is not an OrderedCollection (remove of pages was failing).
        - SpCodePresenter now allow selecting a particular syntax highlight theme (default is still the one selected on settings).
        - SpApplication implements showWaitCursorWhile: to allow different backend functionality (and start removing usages of UIManager).
        - fixed hidden dependencies in baseline and demos
        - lots of cleanups
        - lots of renames to make things more understandable (thanks @NourDjihan)
        - lots of new tests

Cleanups / Tests

- ReleaseTest-DocComments #9325
        This turns existing doc-comments into 892 tests

- 9114-Locale-seem-to-use-two-class-vars-for-the-same-thing #9216
- Add comment to collection package #9301

- Another fix for unescapeCharacter #9303
- 9299-Method-classification-in-the-list-of-implementors-causes-DNU #9304