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Thought about components and webgrid


Dear Aida user, Janko has asked me to forward this mail to the mailing

I'm must looking over your Webgrid currently. I wonder if or how the
following things could be added.

One can search on any of the fields if one defines column filters.
However I can not see that this fields can be combined. Could that be
added without too much hassle?

It is nice that one can order the entries while clickin on the
headers. This really is a nice thing...

I think the following scenario is well "universal". We will have a base
class let's name it Thing and usually somesort of collection to keep
the 'Thing' objects together. Now what will we do with the things?

We'll have adding a new entry
modifiying an existing entry
finding a thing based on some criteria
deleting of an entry.

short CRUD.

Do you see an easy way to let's say define a class and let all the other
code be generated? Or anyway on how we'll be able to have that
functionality available.

Maybe some sort of "meta" language which we can use to describe our
objects and collections of them without the need to write code for it
manually which surely will just be gradually different.

I see the grid as an "abstraction" to not let met go through the pain to
"code" tables over and over and over again. I see the proposed extension
as another way on having things which we'll have to do over an over
again on another level of abstraction. E.g this extension could be used
also to desribe validity rules of the "classes".  
So what do you think?


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