TimeLapse/How-To Slider (short video demo)

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TimeLapse/How-To Slider (short video demo)

Jeremy L.

One of the things that the original Etoys team made clear was that they didn't want high quality graphics to discourage users from making their own. The idea was make them serviceable for the demo, but also make them 'bad' enough so anyone seeing it for the first time would have the feeling of "I can do better than that".  

Personally, I think going the opposite direction for graphics than the code (i.e. the codebase of etoys/smalltalk is ridiculously overwhelmingly 'good' compared to what I can code, for instance) doesn't make any sense when thinking about total consistency.  

Something like this could help improve people's ability to think about drawing.  In this case, the scene is 1 point perspective and created using nothing but 'polygon' and 'circle' objects along with setting their fill and border properties such that they work together to create a solid image.  

Basically, the slider takes it's own value then then sets everything in the world on one side of that value to SHOW and everything else on the other side to HIDE. 

It has further use; being able to 'dig down' into things really far down in the drawing becomes difficult as you mix shapes...this slider can help quickly find a way to access a partially covered up shape to edit, or even add new shapes in between others.

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