Tomorrow: Cobalt Conference Call - 5:00 EDT

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Tomorrow: Cobalt Conference Call - 5:00 EDT

Darius Clarke
Add your agenda items on this page:

Click on
- or copy & paste it into your browser's address bar if that doesn't work.

The call will begin 2008-4-9 at 21:00 UTC:

How often:
They will be biweekly from then on, but that is up for discussion.

How to join the discussion:
For instructions, check the web page by clicking on
I can arrange free conferencing into this conference call through my
VoIP service, but I'll need to call to the UK with their UK phone
number. Let me know.

Agenda Item suggestions:
    * Discussion of call goals
    * Cobalt defined and discussion of the motivations behind it
--Julian Lombardi
    * Discussion of community-based open source development process --
Julian Lombardi and Mark McCahill
    * Community tools selection - What hosts and software for
community collaboration? (Adobe Connect? IRC? Logging? Here is an IRC
example --Matthew Fulmer)
    * Perhaps a different meeting method? I've been arranging
bi-weekly meetings for a squeak release team on irc. This way the
meeting is automatically logged by the normal irc logging bots, so
that people who didn't attend can see what happened.
    * Call scheduling in the future - is weekly better? - John & Darius
    * What is the most important thing to get in an alpha-level release?
          o If Cobalt is to be a social platform are we primarily focused on,
                + working chat,
                + discussion facilities,
                + whiteboarding, and
                + activity sharing
          o and only focused on secondarily
                + physics,
                + game engines,
                + art, and
                + fancy graphics --Matthew Fulmer
    * Let us review the current menu, compare it to our community
goals, and assign some tasks - Darius
    * Review the tutorials - if need to review them - Darius
    * Can we have a benevolent dictator for a while who can respond to
strategic questions? - Darius
    * How can we let others know we need help? - Darius
    * Summarize most important take-away points - Darius