Tomorrow is the final day to submit a talk for Smalltalk Solutions 2011!

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Tomorrow is the final day to submit a talk for Smalltalk Solutions 2011!

Monty Williams-3
Just a quick reminder. If you have a topic that would be of interest to your fellow Smalltalkers at StS 2011, please submit your proposal ASAP!



Smalltalk Solutions is back! The last two years have seen many new developments in Smalltalk and in the software world in general. Interest in Smalltalk is growing, and it remains the best software technology for the innovations that will shape the future.

Smalltalk Solutions is a forum where Smalltalk professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts can meet and share ideas and experiences. We are currently accepting proposals for talks involving Smalltalk technology and other areas of innovation in the software industry. We're looking forward to an excellent conference, and need your participation to maintain the high technical level of the conference!

The conference will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 13 – 16, 2011.

Presentations may be in the form of

 *   Technical Presentations
 *   Experience Reports
 *   Technology Demonstrations
 *   Panel Discussions
 *   Half-day Tutorials
 *   Other interesting ideas ...

Proposals should be submitted by email to [hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]> and should include the following information:

 *   Name
 *   Contact Information
 *   Type of Presentation
 *   Title of Presentation
 *   Brief Abstract
 *   Short Biography of the Presenter(s)
 *   Desired Length (45 minutes, 1.5 hrs, half-day)
 *   Any constraints on date/time
 *   Any other information of importance in evaluating the proposal

Submissions should be received by November 30, 2010. Note that submissions with incomplete information may be rejected - particularly if bio or abstract information is missing.

Presenters will qualify for a significantly discounted registration. This year that will be $200 US, or $160 US for STIC members.

For announcements of the conference see<> and

Georg Heeg

STIC - Smalltalk Industry Council
Executive Director
Phone +49-3496-214328, Fax +49-3496-214712