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In a configuration, how are we supposed to use Tonel package?

Indeed the Tonel only old the most recent package version, versioning is
done at an outer lever by the used CVS system.

For now, I have baseline and configuration as:

baseline1801: spec
     <version: '18.01-baseline'>

     spec for: #common do: [
         spec blessing: #baseline;
             description: 'Dr. Geo, an interactive geometry application.';

version1801a: spec
     <version: '18.01a' imports: #('18.01-baseline') >
     spec for: #common do: [
         spec blessing: #development.
         spec description: '18.01a'.
         spec package: 'DrGeoII-Core' with: 'DrGeoII-Core'.
         spec package: 'DrGeoII-Polymorph' with: 'DrGeoII-Polymorph'.

Of course absolute path in the repository field is far to be desirable.

What is your best practice?


Dr. Geo