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Too many redirects

Bernat Romagosa
Hi list,
I'm experiencing a Too many redirects error in a webapp built with Iliad.

The error occurs upon logging in, I've always used the same procedure for handling users and this is the first time this happens, so I'm not sure what's wrong... here's my code:

MILoginPage >> tryToLogin: aMockUser
(MUser existsWithUsername: aMockUser username)
ifFalse: [ self error: self controller userNotFoundText ]
ifTrue: [ 
| user |
user := MUser findByUsername: aMockUser username.
user password = aMockUser password md5Hashed
ifFalse: [ self error: self controller wrongPasswordText ]
ifTrue: [ self session login: user ] ]

Then, MISession >> #login: looks as follows:

MISession >> login: aUser
self user: aUser.
self redirect

Any idea what's wrong with my code?


Bernat Romagosa.

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