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Tracey Crosby
Score with Nanotechnology!

We called it!  NSLT is RISE on huge volume.  We
hope you took a position early and are smiling right
now.  If you didn't, don't worry.  The big spike is
expected also on Wednesday, November 22nd.  Get in now!

It is widely predicted that nanotechnology will be the
next booming industry for our economy.  Our feature is
in the perfect place at the good time.

Company: Nano Superlattice Technology, Inc.
Symbol: NSLT
Price: $0.22(+37%)
Short-Term Target: $0.58
Long-Term Target: $5.50

With the increased miniaturization of personal
electronics devices current tools are reaching their
Nano Superlattice Technology Inc. is a nanotechnology
company engaged in the coating of tools and components
with nano structured PVD coatings for high-tech

NSLT uses Superlattice technology to apply multi-layers
of super-hard elemental coatings on an array of
precision products to achieve a variety of physical
An amazing revelation is set to come out of the Nano
laboratoryes which will have an enormous impact on the
manufacturing world.
Seize the day and get in before the news is out!
ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Perhaps Darren Aronofsky should have called his new movie "Love and Death." (Though that's been taken.) Or, for prurient viewers, "Rachel Weisz in a Bathtub." (But that would be misleading.)
HUNTSVILLE, Alabama (CNN) -- A fourth teenage girl died Tuesday at a hospital from injuries sustained when a school bus plunged off a highway overpass Monday in Alabama, Huntsville Police Chief Rex Reynolds said.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- President Bush strongly condemned the assassination of Lebanese Christian Cabinet minister Pierre Gemayel Tuesday and called for a full investigation into his death.
(CNN) -- Although Congress is unlikely to follow calls from a top Democrat to bring back the military draft, the United States does have a plan, if necessary, aimed at inducting millions of young men for service.