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Transcript & gst-remote


I have been using the following sequence of commands to run my Seaside
application from my Makefile:

        gst-remote -I $(APP_SERVER_IM) --daemon --start=Seaside >
$(APP_NAME).log 2>&1
        sleep 1
        gst-remote --package=$(PACKAGE_APP_NAME)

This has been working fine. I had to use the "sleep 1" above to get it to
work properly.

The problem I'm having is the log file. I do a number of "Transcript show:
..." executions to trace the progress of the application. This was working
fine (output of Transcript was going to the log file as redirected in the
Makefile), but as of late I've gotten no output at all. I don't know where
the transcript output is going.

How do I make sure Transcript output goes to stdout or stderr and can be

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