Troubleshooting DLL loading

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Troubleshooting DLL loading

Richard Sargent
I've spun this off from David Pennington's thread so that it can be more easily found.

There is a tool that can be very helpful in diagnosing load problems. It's located at

The following Smalltalk Do It can be helpful, as well. (There are Windows settings that would open a dialogue if there is a problem loading the DLL or its dependencies. The script doesn't mess with those settings, but could. See Microsoft's SetErrorMode function.)
 | module fileName |

:= GbsConfiguration current libraryName. "fileName can be fully qualified"
"get DLL handle to see if it is already loaded"
(module := OSHmodule getModuleHandle: fileName) isNull ifTrue:
["load the DLL"
module := OSHmodule loadLibrary: fileName].
module isNull
: [self error: 'could not load the dll']
: ["free the DLL"
module freeLibrary
: ['success']
: [self error: 'could not unload the dll']]

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