TrueType stroke width vs. color

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TrueType stroke width vs. color

Jim Rosenberg
Playing with loading some TrueType fonts into Squeak 4.1: A lot of my fonts
are showing up "too gray". I'm wondering if I can control this, somehow.
When I install a TrueType font as a text style from a File List window
using "install ttf style" it sort of looks as though there is some kind of
conversion formula that maps the width of a piece of a glyph to a
gray-scale value -- the thinner the stroke the lighter gray is the darkest
pixel. The way this happens, you can end up with virtually no black at all.
This makes the text look "weak".

I'd like to be able to influence how this happens, so that at my option,
the darkest pixels are completely black. Any suggestions?

-Thanks, Jim

 Jim Rosenberg            
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