Tweak and Morphic events in Croquet SDK

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Tweak and Morphic events in Croquet SDK

David Faught
This was prompted by Mantis #3614.  The event models of Tweak and
Morphic are very different, and it is not clear to me how to use the
proper events in Croquet.

The underlying base of Croquet is (for now) Morphic.  It seems to me
that the method
causes Tweak to take over the low level events, and registers handler
scripts for those events that pass the events back to the underlying

As evidenced by Mantis #3614, this mapping of events is not quite
right with respect to mouseOver, mouseMove, mouseDrag and friends.
Are there references somewhere for Tweak and Morphic that list out
exactly what events are generated by what physical actions, if
multiple events are triggered by a single action, etc. so that this
can be straightened out?  Or maybe a series of simple test cases that
try out all of the different mouse actions and show the generated
events for both Morphic and Tweak?

In the longer term, I'm guessing that this mapping of Tweak events
back to Morphic events will go away someday, and I will need to
convert to use Tweak events directly.  Is there a good simple example
of how to do this, similar to the "Programming Croquet - Quick and
Dirty" chapter in the Croquet SDK Programming Guide, so that I can get
a jump start on this?  Is it even possible to convert to using only
Tweak events at this time?