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Type Inference

Santiago Bragagnolo
Hi all! I'm pushing type inference (call-graph) into GSoC this year. I really believe that the future of our development applications and optimizations comes from this side. The main idea resides in two aspects:

* enhance inference, allowing complex inference
* building a queryable call graph, that allows to get type and flow information for a given expression.

Well, here is the gsoc project:

And here is the base proyect ( Francisco Garau's tesis )

  I started to work on the project by analyzing the behavior and am currently trying to improve the detection algorithm loops, but you can still downloading the code and trying somethings like

TiSystem current reset. 
string := 'Display boundingBox'. 
Compiler new analyze: string in: nil to: nil notifying: nil ifFail: [1].  
"=> return {<Rectangle origin: <Point x: <SmallInteger> y: <SmallInteger>> corner: <Point x: <SmallInteger> y: <SmallInteger>>>}"

That's all right now.