Unicode display support in text morphs?

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Unicode display support in text morphs?

I was going to start a project or two related to learning Japanese and I need to be able to input (and display) Japanese characters in squeak text morphs. This doesn't seem to be possible?

I've got all sorts of Japanese fonts loaded on my Mac, but not a clue how to display such characters.

I'm trying to do a bit of translation of juvenile books and want to track which words I've already dealt with so I don't have to recreate the wheel constantly. I can do it in TextEdit and other Mac text editing applications, but the ability to do it in Squeak would open up vast new worlds in this regard.

BUT, I can't see how to get started.

Thanks for any advice.

For example, how do I display 「こんにちは」 or 「今日は」 surrounded by English text in a text morph? Is this even possible?