Unintended SPAM on fixing the minheadless VM

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Unintended SPAM on fixing the minheadless VM

Ronie Salgado

Sorry for causing some unintended Spam. I just noticed that on the OpenSmalltalk VM .travis.yml there are some notification lines:

    secure: ...

    - [hidden email]

Currently I am fixing the CMake based build system for the minheadless VM for a client. So far I managed to the produce the same kind of results as the normal build system on my local machines for both Linux and Mac. I managed to include the build dependencies for Pharo on the cmake based system. Currently, I am now fixing this VM for Travis CI by using my local account. To avoid this Spam, now I am commenting these lines.

After I get this VM variant building for both, Squeak and Pharo on Travis and on appveyor, I will submit a proper pull request.

For the curious people, for now I am pushing my changes here: https://github.com/ronsaldo/opensmalltalk-vm/tree/feature/minheadless-ci

Best regards,