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Unix VM Doc potential error -

Brad Fuller
The documentation to manually configure the make for the unix vm/plugin
seems incorrect. This in particular:

 $ cd bld

Create the build environment by running the script configure which lives
in the platforms/unix/config directory.

    Note: The configure script accepts lots of options. To see a list of
them, run: `configure --help'

Assuming you've created the blddir next to platforms, this would be:

  $ ../platforms/unix/config/configure

    Note: This assumes that the VMMaker sources are in `../src'..

If  the src directory is in next to platforms and blddir (as the doc
suggests is default), the config/configure script cannot find the vm
directory because it looks under the src dir for it.

if you VMMaker generate your sources in

VMMaker places plugins.ext and plugins.int in that directory (I think
that's who does it) and since vm is in that directory it configures

Or am I just going in circles and I haven't found my tail yet?  :-)


And Tim:  If VMMakerTool does create plugins.ext, it doesn't seem to
create it when generating individual plugins from the context menu. At
least, I didn't see that it did. What I did was manually edit
plugins.ext so that the Makefile for my plugin would be created by
config/configure.  I may be wrong about this, but I didn't see that it did.