Updated and finished removal of ExternalForm (and related classes)

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Updated and finished removal of ExternalForm (and related classes)


The task I assigned myself a couple of weeks ago is complete.  ExternalForm is no longer in EToys, and (as much as possible) support for it has been factored out of Form.  The classes are now in http://www.squeaksource.com/Balloon3D, in the package GraphicsExternal*.  These classes should still work if just filed into a current image with all of the packages applied.  Further, the test associated with this class have been removed from FFI and placed into the same package noted above.

To finalize this, these two packages should be moved to Trunk after you are satisfied that work as advertized:
and this package to FFI:

Also, could the following packages be purged from the InBox?  They are not ancestors of the packages needed (and I didn't realize I have to save these as myself to handle this task myself.  Packages:
(the last 2 are now correctly in the Balloon3D repository)

(*I looked into packaging these are Graphics-External as Andreas did, but the significant difficulty of not messing up the host windows packages in the Ffenestri sub-package made me toss the towel in and go with the simpler packaging)