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Updating a table

   I open a table in a window, it has i.e. 10 records. Then I change the itemsTableList to 8 records and the following code shows 8 records in the table. As long as the items are variing between 0 and  10 the code works fine (the window stays open all the time). But when I change the itemsTableList to more then 10, that means to more records as the the table contained when it was opened the first time, the table shows only the first 10 records, even the 'tableView table' contains 11 or more records as saw with the Inspector.

    self tableAdaptor baseCollection: self itemsTableList.
    self itemsTable selectionInTable tableHolder: self tableAdaptor asValue.
    self itemsTable tableView table: self tableAdaptor.

Hope I could make clear what my Problem is. Is there anything that I should do in another way so that the tableView increases the number of rows, without closing and opening the window?

Norbert Braun

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