Using Jabber to Connect in Croquet

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Using Jabber to Connect in Croquet

Liz Wendland

I've seen people talking about doing Wide-Area Network connections.  One
of the easiest ways to do this is to use the Jabber client that is
available in Sailing and SimpleDemo Masters.  When you are using the
Croquet Jabber Client to talk to a buddy (who is also using the Croquet
Jabber Client) you are presented with a button JoinMe which will send an
invite to your buddy and then if she accepts your invite she will have a
portal to your space created.  Very easy.

If all you are lacking is a Jabber account please contact me via email
([hidden email]) and let me know the username and password you
would like to use and I'll create a Jabber account for you.  Also, I'm
very interested in trying WAN connections, so if you want to play with
this, either email me or jabber me.  My jabber account is
[hidden email].

Liz Wendland

Liz Wendland            Java and Web Services/ADCS
[hidden email]    University of Minnesota, Mpls
(Phone) 612 626 0544    190 Shepherd Labs