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Using Phoseydon

Mariano Martinez Peck
Hi guys. I have a project in which I am analysing the use of Phoseydon. My scenario is the following:

1) I do already have magritte-described  my domain classes (descriptions mostly for seaside)
2) I want to use Glorp
3) I do not have yet the database tables, so I can let Glorp creates them.
4) I want to avoid the manual mappings

So, let me see if I understood right the usage I have to give to Phoseydon:

a) First step is to add to my magritte descriptions the things related to the mappings. What should I add? It doesn't seem very clear. The biggest help I found was the methods under the protocol "*dbxtools-descriptions" of MAElementDescription and MARelationDescription. There I found methods like #bePrimaryKey:  #fkForeingKey: etc etc. Still, there are some things that I think are needed, like implementing #descriptionContainer.
So...all in all, somehow you have to understand how to annotate your magritte descriptions.

b) You create an instance of DBXApplication. #fromCategory: doesn't look good to me because my classes are spread about several categories. Moreover, not all classes in a category are persistent classes. So I guess I need to list the classes manually and send #addEntity:  ?    In either case, shouldn't #fromCategory:  only add classes that understand  #descriptionContainer or that #descriptionContainer answer a DBXEntity or something like that?  

c) You get a dynamic Glorp system descriptor for your application instance:

application glorpDescriptorForPlatform: aPlatform

d), how can I be sure that the description looks correct? Since this is dynamic (not static in code) it is difficult to know whether your mappings were correct or not. Mostly, because as I say in a) you are not quite sure of how the mappings should look like.
So is there any help in discovering in the resulted descriptor is correct?

Thanks in advance, 


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