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Using devKit

Sean P. DeNigris
Now that I've got tODE up and running, I've got a few questions:
- would I set up one tODE per project-under-development? Or one stone per project which I interact with via the same tODE client? If the latter:
    - what is the purpose of the devKit stone? Is it just an example?
    - can I create a new stone via tODD, or must I do that on the command line?
- how do I get a workspace on a stone? It seems like I must be missing something simple because I see I can bring up such a workspace from the Category window context menu, but that seems like a convoluted approach. Also, the workspace title is "Workspace on aTDClassCategoryList (12)". What does it mean to have a workspace "on aTDClassCategoryList"?


p.s. Is this the right list for tODE questions?
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Re: Using devKit


To open a workspace type "ws" inside the tODEShell.

type "man --all" to see all possible commmand that can be executed inside tODEShell.