VA Smalltalk ECAP Build 409 Available...Changelog described

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VA Smalltalk ECAP Build 409 Available...Changelog described

Seth Berman
Hello All,

Code-Cutoff is official and the team is working to wrap up the release.
In the meantime, we will do one more ECAP build for our customers to take a look at.

At this point, we are internally only accepting bug-fixes, so I wouldn't expect too much change from here.
If you spot something though, please let us know.

There is a _CHANGELOG.txt that you can always refer to for a list of changes.
However, I usually like to highlight some of the changes here for all to see what we have been doing.

ECAP Build 409 has the following areas of change:

New SequenceableCollection APIs
- indexOfAny: | indexOfAny:ifAbsent: | indexOfAny:startingAt: | indexOfAny:startingAt:ifAbsent:
- EsString>>indexOfAny:startingAt:ifAbsent: is prim-assisted for String and DBString
- In support of "Stream with auto line-ending detection (cr/lf/crlf)"

New Stream APIs
- skipToAny: | upToAny:
- In support of "Stream with auto line-ending detection (cr/lf/crlf)"

Stream with auto line-ending detection (cr/lf/crlf)
- Fixes issues like using #nextLine is a cross-platform manner.
- No performance loss

Compression Streams
- Fixed Inflater/Deflator has a 32-bit limit on describing totalBytesRead/totalBytesWritten on some platforms

Zip Archive Streams with Zip64 support
- Reads/Writes Zip archives to memory/sockets/files
- Does not require a file descriptor
- Implements Zip64 extended spec.
- Cursor stream based approach
- Example: Writing a valid zip archive to a ByteArray with 2 entries (a.txt and b.txt) in a subdirectory called 'dir'.
zip := ZipWriteStream on: ByteArray new.
  nextPutEntry: (ZipEntry named: 'dir/a.txt');
  nextPutAll: 'Contents of a.txt';
  nextPutEntry: (ZipEntry named: 'dir/b.txt');
  nextPutAll: 'Contents of b.txt';

- Refactored to meet Instantiations new coding policy (class comments, method comments, formatting, categorizing...)
- Refactored AbtConditionalWait to be a proper subclass of AbtTimedWait and has a true isKindOf relationship now.
- Removed platform dependent longer necessary with new vm implementation of AbtSleep primitive
- New creational helper APIs on AbtConditionalWait

Asynchronous Queue Overrun
- This really only impacts Unix because of how the gui framework works.
- The async queue grew to be much larger now
- The new policy is to not raise an error when an overrun occurs and just drop the events.  Most of the time we are talking about gui events
- If async events are important to you (perhaps you have special code that posts to the async event queue and dropping it is not an option)
  then you can set [Process ignoreAsyncQueueOverrun: false]

Development Tooling Enhancements
- Browsing implementors with only one implementor will skip a methods list browser and go directly to opening up a class hierarchy browser
- When selecting code in the editor and browsing implementors/senders, it now uses lexer context to know what construct its looking at.
  For example, OrderedCollection is both a class and a the tooling knows which it is and will either offer to 'browse hierarchy/references' or 'browse implementors/senders'
- Fix Various code assist features can just stop working in certain editor instances
- Improve how StsApplicationConfigBrowser handles loaded classes with same name as shadow 
- Fix Scintilla indicator of size 1 char may fail to undraw during text modification

- CwPushButton can show an image and text
- Some enhancements and fixes to TOBWidgets

- SstHttpClient refactored to meet Instantiations new coding policy (class comments, method comments, formatting, categorizing...)
- Fixed SstHttpClient proxy capability when making multiple calls
- Fix SstUnixSocketDemultiplexor>>poll bug in V9.0/V9.1

Linux Motif / 64-bit effort
- Fixed the numerous '10000 iterations' messages that would flood stdout on the Linux console
- Implement Dirty Icons for Linux/Unix tabbed browsers.  Now when you type in the linux editor...the tab icons will color themselves just like on windows
- Fixed Composition editor buttons have incorrect width on Linux with motif 2.3.x
- Improve how EtWindow deals with disconnection of UndoManager for none standard window close on Linux 

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